Deep Forms/Earthspike Productions

Free Licence with Attribution


We like to keep our licencing flexible in order to give you a simple way to purchase and use our stock
background music, so below are details of what is and is not possible with music purchased from us.


This licence allows the purchaser the use of tracks and music purchased/downloaded from
Our work is released as royalty free music, so you pay a onetime fee with no further fees or royalties due.
Under this Licence with Attributions you should credit on any visual or audio work that includes our music.
The copyright of our music remains with Deep Forms/Earthspike Productions.
This music license grants you the purchaser an ongoing, commercial, non- exclusive worldwide license to use the musical work (Item).
We aim to be as flexible as possible with the licensing of our music and if you have any questions please email:

Enjoy the music!


What you can do with music purchased/downloaded from

You can use the music on websites, audiobooks, apps, games, videos, You Tube, corporate videos, web promos, live performances, social media, independent films.
You can use the music under the Free License With Attribution in your projects, videos, animations, productions, websites etc. 
You can adapt the music for your film or video by cutting, fading, editing the length, stretching or adding voice over.
You can modify or manipulate the music or combine the music with other works, to suit your product.
You can use the music for Facebook videos, but please do not register them Facebook Rights Manager Service (this stops unauthorised use of our work on Facebook).
You can only use the Item for lawful purposes.
This license is between the author of the Item and you only.

What you can’t do with music purchased/downloaded from

You can’t Register our music as you own or as a 3rd parties in any platform/store.
You can’t make a remix or new song using our music and claim it as your own creation/song.
You cannot claim ownership of the music  whether it’s in original form or altered.
You can’t re-distribute the musical item as stock in a template or tool with source files.
You can’t re-distribute the item as-is or with superficial modifications.
You can’t use the Item in connection with obscene, defamatory, or demeaning material.
You must not use the music in violation of any export laws that will apply to you.

Limitation of Liability

By purchasing music from Deep Forms you agree and understand that you are solely liable for any use of our music and agree and understand that DeepForms/Earthspike Productions will not be liable for any damages, incidental, including damages for loss of revenue, profits, data, reputation incurred by you or any third party as a consequence of using our music. This license can be terminated if it is breached by the purchaser/user. If terminated then you must stop the allowed use. Nothing within this license acts as a waiver of any PRO costs or fees you may incur. We reserve the right to update this licence if required without requiring the notifying of the purchaser or subsequent user(s) of our music.

Earthspike Productions / Deep Forms 2021