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Earthspike (band)

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The original Earthspike CD 'Thermal Pulse' was released in 1997 and featured a wide range of styles of dance music.
With a selection of quality tracks covering the styles of Techno, Jungle and House.


Thermal Pulse

1: After The Tone
2: Who Am Eye
3: Message Center
4: Tsunami
5: The Shadow
6: Acidic Drift
7: F.E.B.A.
8: Spin Up
9: The Cat - (Bonus Track)

Blue Book

This early Earthspike side project, featuring a selection of their early tracks. This  extremely rare release is no longer available.



All Earthspike videos are avaiable from the following outlets:

All Earthspike's music is avaiable from the following outlets:

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Earthspike can be contacted via the contact form here.

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