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CJ Sherwood

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All the classic remixes from the CJ Sherwood "7 Concepts" album are now available for download online, along with previously unreleased tracks and new videos.


New Video:

7 Concepts

1: Intense (cj mix)
2: Corporation Tank (FITH mix)
3: Subversion (BBC Mix)
4: Escapement (no vox demo)
5: Grinder (b'stardized mix)
6: 3rd Emotive (neurotic mix)
7: Downwind (M.A.D. World mix)

Subversion remix video

CJ Sherwood has just released the brand new video for the track Subversion - Big Brother Conspiracy mix. 

This video is now available to view online. 



All CJ Sherwood's videos are avaiable from the following outlets:

All CJ Sherwood's music, is avaiable from the following outlets:

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CJ Sherwood can be contacted via:                                                        More projects from C.J.Sherwood

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